John Cooper Clarke and Morrissey


Just a slightly Manchester gig. Magazine had one of the great punk singles, Shot By Both Sides. For this gig though, it’s not Clarkey but the bottom of the bill Nose Bleeds that are of interest. They’d replaced their singer Ed Banger, who also had a great single, Kinnel Tommy, with a young Steven Morrissey. Cultural commentator Paul Morley reviewed the gig for the NME. Here’s what he said about the Nose Bleeds: The Nosebleeds have also noticeably metamorphosed though probably due more to personnel changes than anything else. Last year they were the entirely forgettable Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds (who ‘created’ the dirge-like single “Ain’t Bin To No Music School” for Rabid Records); now Banger has gone his own so-called eccentric way. The Nosebleeds re-surface boasting A Front Man With Charisma, always an advantage. Lead singer is now minor local legend Steve Morrisson, who, in his own way, is at least aware that rock’n’roll is about magic, and inspiration. So The Nosebleeds are now a more obvious rock’n’roll group than they’ve ever been. Only their name can prevent them being this year’s surprise.

If that’s not punk enough for you, here’s Morrissey with the Angelic Upstarts singer, Mensi!
melisser mensi


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