Now THAT’S a Gig!

clarkey slits2

The Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke and the Slits in 1978, all three at the top of their game.
Cabaret Voltaire and Gang of Four also played in London.
clarkey slits
In Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984 Simon Reynolds says this about the gig:
The Cabs started playing live regularly… they wangled their way into the punk world, sending off tapes to New Hormones’ Richard Boon, who didn’t have the cash to release a record but gave them a support slot with Buzzcocks in March 1978. ‘It was at the Lyceum, John Cooper Clarke and The Slits were on the same bill. A complete fucking nightmare,’ recalls Kirk. ‘Full of crazed punk rockers. We got covered in spit. It wasn’t just us, though – someone threw an iron bar at the Buzzcocks,’



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