Aggro Britain! – Seething Wells

The Fleet Street Shit Sheet neat little label-maker enables Joe and Mabel Smith to spot what-goes in the shadowy subterranean world of Subculture Cult Heroes and the Mindless Sheep who kiss the feet of the cocaine-consuming Tinsel-Neroes.
AGGRO BRITAINS! apathetic youth, A spineless, foppish group: – Gays and Communists, Anti-war feminists, long-haired punk-rocking drug-taking Anarchists, Papists and pissed-up young pagans. Half-brick lobbing, Commie-plotting Social misfits and Misfit socialists,
Inter-racial couples in public parks. The Sharks and the Jets get propositioned by lisping, effete randy dandies and trashed by KILLER SKINHEADS! who swarm in every inner-city brick-strewn street, amphetamine roller skates strapped to their over-size feet the scourge of the nation that’s gone to the dogs on its knees.
Dr Bob Martin’s cure for the flea-ridden Bulldog is the short-sharp-shock of two minutes in the dock and two years of sweating in a pox-ridden prison for all who exalt the revolting, craven, disgusting and unshaven FOLK DEVILS! who corrupt and disturb the minds of the young.
The Sun’s so-called journalists, quack sociologists and fascist hacks. AGGRO BRITAIN! in thirteen paragraphs. Broken noses get easy laughs from their Tit-greedy Bum-hungry highly intellectual audience of mindless Thatcher-voting zombies.
The Fleet Street Shit Sheet excretes cheap lies and The Sun cries
AGGRO BRITAIN (exclamation mark)
The only Aggro done
Is done by The Sun
To the minds of the kind of scummy prat
Who believe the crap
That the Fleet Street Shit Sheet feed them.

Seething Wells

Aggro Britain was a guide to the youth cults of Britain that appeared in the Daily Mirror.
aggro swells


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