6.27 to London – Mick Turpin

All the seats are taken, all the rows I pass
So I walk a little further, an’ enter first class
6.30 in the morning, really out of the game
Body feeling tired, legs feeling lame
So I tried to get some sleep, legs across the seat
Then there’s a grunt opposite, from some middle class creep.
At first he said nothin’, I think he was a little scared.
He just sat doing his puzzle, and trying to find a word
But every now and then, he gave me a hard stare
I think he was trying to say something,
But I think he wouldn’t dare.
I started to laugh, I found it really funny
Him sitting next to me, him with all that money
Now I could see he was getting angry, and a little hurt
The thought of voting Conservative and seeing it not work
I decided to get up and go down the buffet
I could see what he was saying, I knew he was calling me scruffy.
As I walked down the aisle, I started to smile
I knew I could win, I could do him in
But that wasn’t it, that wasn’t the way
I knew if I did that, I’d have to pay
I’d just sit next to him all the way there
knowing he was a mug, who paid double fare
but as I got back, he’d gone
So then I knew I was the winner, I was the one
The working class hero had truly won
He never had the bottle to stand his ground
The capitalist bastard had lost his crown.

M.G. Turpin

Mick Turpin was a Scouse, skinhead poet who had several poems in early ranting Oi ‘zine Another Day, Another Word from Liverpool.
This poem, along with appeared on the 1983 Son Of Oi album.
He also released a couple of cassettes: ‘Classic Fights Tape’ and ‘Bad to Worse’.



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