Sister Nancy & Papa Madoo

NME 11th December, 1982

Lewisham Rennell Hall

Like Princess Diana, Jamaican DJ Sister Nancy also appears to be something of a trendsetter with her latest hair-do – with many SN clones abundant in the audience.
Tonight Nancy and her MC companion Papa Madoo are here to display their lyrical skills in Lewisham’s Rennell Hall, a portion of a modern shopping precinct, set in this semi-suburban environment.
Officially the dance began at 8pm, but as usual it wasn’t until 11pm that the show possessed an atmosphere, even if DJ Tony Williams did keep us occupied with his ear-blasting usage of a 40K rig.
At around midnight Sister Nancy and Papa Madoo (whose fine release ‘Another One Bite The Dust’ is still unobtainable in the shops) entered the dance accompanied by their back-up band Freedom Fighters, who, as well as reciting many popular rhythms, included much original material.
Madoo has one unique feature which distinguishes him from many of his DJ counterparts . . . he can sing! Sister Nancy is also a fine singer, but her screamish toastin’ can be rather irritating.
Being hailed as a new superstar in her homeland JA, she’s top of a new breed of female DJs. She’s causing disturbances here as well, with her current releases – and even more with her rope-like haircut.
Nancy and Madoo are two of many DJs spending this winter in Britain – they must be mad. Also here are Nicodemus, Captain Sinbad and Mr ‘Three Piece Chicken And Chips’ Rankin’ Trevor.
With Yellowman over here too, it should be a rankin’ Christmas.

Dominic Kenny



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