Attila the Stockbroker – 35 Years of Ranting

Attila is hard at work on his autobiography. We’ve had a couple of early chapters here on the blog.
It’s good to see him still gigging. Last night, 10.01.15, he gigged in support of jailed trade unionists in Iran. Also on the bill were Janine Booth (The Big J) and Tim Wells (Teething Wells). Both Janine and I were gigging as ranters in the 80s.
Chip Grim veteran of many a political ‘action’ also belted some poems out. It wasn’t just the seasoned veterans, young poets Michelle Madsen and Emily Harrison also read.


Attila’s t-shirt bore the Adrian Mitchell quote: ‘Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people’. It’s good to see that younger poets are keeping poetry relevant and in the pubs and on the streets. Also worth noting the quote is from a poet.



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