Provisional Southend Poetry Group

This inspired lads were a couple of sussed skinhead herberts, Paul Barrett and Ian Fry.
Paul had previously sung with The Sinyx.
Ian did a few ranting gigs and was a pretty good cartoonist. Paul and he were responsible for crucial skinhead ‘zine Hard As Nails, which set the tone for smartly dressed, good music loving, anti-racist skinheads.



The Railway Hotel, Southend, Saturday May 7th, 1983

Ian says: “I remember that ‘Railway’ gig particularly well – the “real” Southend Poetry Group turned up (all beards and real ale) and we had them jumping around to the bands by the end of the evening. Also recall some scooter-boys and psychobillies who’d turned up to “get the skins”, now that’s what I call edgy poetry!”


Paul Barrett


Ian Fry

3 thoughts on “Provisional Southend Poetry Group

  1. Graham Burnett

    My band Autumn Poison also played that night – that’s our ‘Work For Peace Now’ banner hanging up in the background. A great night! The Railway hotel is still a muiscal hub in Southend on Sea, always worth a visit if anybody is in the area!

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