Case were easily one of the best bands I’ve seen. They were a powerful, rollicking punk band with a tight ska fused brass section. Matthew Newman, their singer, was a real one to watch. A forceful singer who you couldn’t take your eyes off on stage, he had real prescience. He’d often leg onto the stage, straight from work and still in his postman’s uniform.
I first saw ’em at the 14th November, 1981 Woodstock Revisted gig at the Rainbow in Finsbury Park. That was the best of the punk bands ’81 had to offer: Antipasti, Vice Squad, Erazerhead, Angelic Upstarts, Chron Gen, Chelsea, The Wall, Charge, The Fools, Splodgenessabounds, Honey Bane, Auntie Pus, The Insane, and The Kids Next Door. Case crashed the stage and played a few songs, not once but twice. Not only that they set off a huge smoke bomb too. Superb.

from Punk Lives, issue 9, 1983



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