Ranting Special at Bang Said the Gun

March 26th 2015 was the first gig of our London Stand Up and Spit events.
Back in the early 80s there were precious few poetry gigs to be had. These days there are gigs aplenty and a plethora of nights to read at. Frequently you’ve a choice of a few different poetry gigs on a given night. That took a lot of building and it’s fabulous we have the choice and diversity in poetry today.
Foremost of the regular gigs is Bang said the Gun, well know (and deservedly so) for it’s loud, rambunctious crowd and the range of talent that have graced their stage.
The Ranting special saw original ranters Ginger John and Tim Wells read along with new kid on the block (though more of a Etta James fan) Emily Harrison. The Bang regulars and the floorspots all made this a busy and lively gig.


Stand Up and Spit producer Sarah with part of our ranting poetry exhibition, designed by Renee O’Drobinak.
many thanks to Speaking Volumes and the Arts Council for help in putting the exhibition and the series of gigs together.


Ginger John, Emily Harrison and Tim Wells

Host Rob Auton gave a breakdown of what Ranting is and how it helped build the current spoken word scene.
The bar continued serving.



A packed crowd, one woman so ginger she’s translucent.


Sarah with Bang’s resident poet for April 2015, Sophie Hall. She did a great set and we hope to have her reading with us again.


and finally Ginger John, Tim Wells and boss Banger Martin Galton.
Cheers all for a fantastic gig.



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