Gig Flyers

Some flyers from around 1987. This is how we used to advertise gigs before the interweb, pressing flyers into sticky palms.
Interestingly these are from before stand uop comedy became it’s own thing. There are some very well known comedians doing early gigs alongside poets on these flyers: Henry Normal, Steve Coogan and Ross Noble in particular. Ross Noble was a teenager and was taken to gigs by his dad.
There’re also early Lemn Sissay gigs, now a popular poet he started gigging just after the ranters.
Big thanks to Ginger John for these.



6 thoughts on “Gig Flyers

  1. lemnsissayLemn

    Yeah Tim, as a records head I love your quote “started just after the ranters” because that’s right – I did. I arrived onthe scene a few years earlier than this poster which was 1987.

    What’s interesting is the monocultural nature of the bills. Mostly its one gender too. That’s not taking away from the talent or integrity of the players. It was the state of play at the time.

    I was given many opportunities in particular by Henry Normal. He really championed me though I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I thought it was just my talent!! Haha. And look there’s johnny dangerously now john bramwell of I am Kloot. Never has a stage name been more career savvy – on to his worldwide success as John Bramwell. Our real names recall us.

    And yes Ross Nobel. But look there’s Henry Normal who is now probably one of two of the most successful culture changing Comedy producers of the past twenty years. Poetry is at the heart of popular culture – not the periphery. Love this. Cheers for the record.

  2. Gary Boswell

    Wordsworth got accused of selling out the Romantics in his dotage.Did a gig in his living room last week where spitting weren’t allowed! Will I be similarly abused!!??

    Ah, the wonders of nostalgia. I was a huge fan of Kevin Seisay. What happened to him?

    Think I know what happened to Coogan. I remember thinking at the time that him and Shuttleworth had what it took!

    Fab site.


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