General Erection

In the lead up to the 1983 general election, music paper Sounds was strongly pro-Labour. Garry Bushell’s article here leaves that very clear. The paper also canvassed many of the musicians of the day. The Oi vote is pretty much Labour, and even further left. Interestingly the Heavy Metal is more Tory but with Ozzy Osbourne vehemently against Thatcher.
Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz was, of course, a Tory.
These clippings are from the June 11, 1983 Sounds. The election was on June 9, 1983, the music papers were dated the week after they came out.
Despite this street level swell the election turned in the most decisive victory since Labour in 1945, this time the win went to the Tories and saw Margaret Thatcher in for her second term as Prime Minister. The Tories took 42.4% of votes cast.
The miner’s strike wasn’t far away.



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