Newtown Neurotics

It was good to see the Neurotics gigging on Petticoat Lane last night. As uncle Steve Drewett put it, they did ‘a new set of old songs’. And what songs!
The audience was a mix of young poonk rock types, anarchist newspaper editors, poets and fans from the Neurotics 80s heyday, me included.
As ever the songs were tight, rocking and had something to say. As myself and Prof. Matthew Worley were discussing at the bar it was all very well for the support band to lead into one of their songs with ‘Is there anyone hear from Britain First? Then fuck off,’ but if you can’t actually make out what they’re saying in said song, apart from realising they’re angry, is there much point?


Ella Harrison, Chris Low, Prof. Matthew Worley

The Neurotics had no such clarity issues. They opened up with the rapidly building ‘Wake Up’ and kept up the pressure throughout their set. ‘Mindless Violence’ was a great as ever and ‘Kick Out The Tories’ as relevant now as it was in 1982.
Always a pleasure to be reminded that punk bands can do some decent reggae too, it seems that a slew of unwashed anarcho and American pop punk bands put paid to that.
I was well pleased to hear the top drawer ‘Fighting Times’ still in the Neurotics set:
“How will the ruling classes keep one jump ahead of you?
It is quite simple, education cuts will do.
They realise that knowledge is power
And power creates money with which you can buy yourself
a decent education or two…”


Simon, Steve and Me

Good as it was to see the band again, and good as ever to have a few beers it’s sobering to think that the Neurotics’ songs are as relevant now as when I was seeing them over 30 years ago. We were singing, writing and fighting for progress and a just Britain then; we still are.

It was also funny that as the band were tearing into their encore, ‘Blitzkreig Bop’, the venue flipped on the lights to get us out quick. Nothing new there but the said venue, The Pipeline has huge neon letters saying PUNK ROCK behind the bar. Yep, that’s what it was all about back then. A blistering band on stage and being ushered out of the venue, punk rock indeed.


Teething Wells and Chris P Mowforth

The Kick Out The Tories/Mindless Violence single, and a belter at that, is due to be re-released. Keep an eye out for it. In the meantime there’s Newtown Neurotics, and some ranting poetry, aplenty to found here.


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