Forgotten Rants

23rd April, 2015.
It was angry, sweary and fun.


Attila the Stockbroker and Teething Wells

Laurie Bolger kicked off proceedings with a rendition of Garry Johnson’s ‘United’. There were a few 80s specific references through the night; Oi, the SDP, and Fare’s Fair but the young people seemed to get the jist of it all.

Laurie Bolger Stand Up and Spit

Stand Up and Spit producer Sarah and Laurie Bolger


The Bro’s Grim

The Bro’s Grim was next up with his own in yer face verse and Garry Johnson’s ‘Young Conservatives’ and The Comrade’s ‘Guvnor’s Man’.
The swearing and anger was piling steadily now.

Janine Booth ran through some of her original rants she did as the Big J back in the 80s as well as some new poems. As ever Janine’s message was direct, strong and funny and the audience really took to her.

Joshua Idehen followed with a quality poem of his own about the 2011 riots, finely fitting the mood of the night. He followed that with a Michael Smith’s ‘Mi Cyaan Believe It’. For me, a real high spot of the evening.


N16’s finest; Carys and Maggie with Tim Wells


Our fabulous graphic designer Renee O’Drobinak alongside two of the banners from our exhibition




After a break for beers or espresso martini, whichever way your fancy goes, we were back with Laurie Bolger lambasting Shoreditch twat pubs. Ever popular that number.
Teething Wells did a Seething Wells poem and one of his own oldies, before a few new poems. Gentrification particularly took a kicking.

Emily Harrison took the mic’ next. She’s fast become a poetic powerhouse. She started with Ann Ziety’s ‘In His Image Created He Him’ and it went down a storm. Emily’s poetry is open and funny and there’s a strength in it’s honesty. he deals with class, feminism and mental health, amongst others, without apologies, without feeling the need to apologise.

Finally Attila the Stockbroker gave us a few old rants from the likes of Little Brother, Dino the Frog and Seething Wells as well as giving us a run down on ranting poetry back in the 80s. It was good to see him such fine flow.
It’s always a joy to hear ‘Away Day’ and to see a poet who’s kept poetry with the real people throughout his career.
Only one girl was knocked over by the sheer force of his ranting verse. Or it may have been the martinis she was putting away. Good times.


The Bro’s Grim and Stand Up and Spit producer Sharmilla

The gig was raucous, reflective and relevant. Great to see some of the original ranters still serving it up and some of the young writers of today kicking the right arses.

More gigs coming up!

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