Bradford Gigs

Bradford in the 80s was a hotspot for ranting and punk gigs. Nick Toczek did sterling work putting on some great shows.
These flyers, from around 1987, are for some of the gigs he promoted.
Nick did the bookings, and ran the whole thing jointly with the late legend, Willi Beckett, who – amongst other things, was a fine poet and lyricist, fronted The Psycho Surgeons and was shadow Minister of Mental Health in the Monster Raving Loony Party.
Of particular interest is the one that lists info about the acts billed.
There’s an early Julian Clary cabaret gig here, he then gigged as the Joan Collins fan Club. Bloody good he was too.
Also worthy of note are a Seething Wells musical project Hobnailed Terrier Frenzy, I think that was with the Redskins’ bassists’ brother Mike.
Big thanks to Ginger John for these.

bradford flyer-page-001
Bradford flyer2-page-001


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