I Married A Cult Figure From Salford

A John Cooper Clarke pastiche/tribute by Jenny Eclair from back in 1980.
Michael Rowe wrote the piece and impersonates Clarkey on the record.


Jenny Eclair told Metro in 2012, “I started as a punk poet in the early 1980s. All the poems were absolutely filthy, the gaps between the poems got longer so by around ’84 I was doing more stand-up than poetry. Thirty years ago a girl on stage attempting to do comedy was a novelty. You were allowed to be bad a lot longer in those days – there was no internet so your failures were more secret. Now if you get a dreadful review, your failures are there forever.”


Micheal Rowe is five years older than John Cooper Clarke and was also a member of the Manchester Anarchists, he joined in 1972 two years after JCC’s leaving in 1970. He also contributed to the literary magazine Voices, though in 1977 a year after Clarkey had stopped contributing.

Michael Rowe states, “Although Clarkie and I had never been friends, or acquaintances even, our paths had crossed many times and we’d passed a few words at various gigs and social gatherings around Manchester. I had attended a lot of his performances in the early 70s at the Black Lion on Chapel Street and many other jazz / folk venues around the city. He was good, very good: wrote humorous poems, overflowing with intellect and imagination, which his Salfordian nasal-toned delivery did full justice to – and he looked as cool as fuck.”

By the late 70s Clarkie’s star had risen and he was putting out records and touring widely. Michael Rowe first performed the poem at a Christmas party in 1978. It’s partly inspired by Mancunian working class poet Joe Smythe’s poem ‘A Pop Poet Is Never Alone’.

The record has Tea Machine Dub by the Crowtones on the flip and was a double B side.



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