X Hits The Spot

A letter from the NME, 5th December, 1981

If the recent articles by X. Moore are indicative of a new direction for NME then I for one am well pleased. Nearly all 1981 rock/pop music is completely ephemeral and worthless anyway and so to examine the motivations and situation of those who perform and listen is in my opinion far more worthwhile than writing about the music itself. And X. does it very well – an accessible style and politics which shine through like a bright red beacon in sharp contrast to the pale pink posturing to which we have become accustomed. Send him the Harlow – I’d like him to interview me.
Attila the Stockbroker, No Wonder Records, Harlow.
Sorry, mate, but at the moment he’s interviewing Sheena Easton, and then he’s going to be involved in his own TV show. -M.S.



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