Cool Notes Writes!

Sounds, July 21, 1984

Best of British

I can think of quite a few British institutions worth having, unlike Garry Johnson, I certainly wouldn’t include the Rolling Stones among them! Particularly after reading in the same issue of Sounds that the band spend most of their time jetting around the havens of the rich, ignorant of this country’s most important industrial dispute for decades, and requiring six months to organise a show. Not that the present plight of the miners should concern such superstars as Jagger and Co.
I’d like to suggest a few British institutions that are a lot more valuable than a bunch of over paid, overweight, tax exiles that are long overdue for retirement: The FA cup final, Notting Hill Carnival, Carry On films, fish and chips, , Bobby Charlton, The NHS, Northern Soul All Niters, Saturday Morning Pictures and Norman Wisdom films.

Richard Edwards (Cool Notes Fanzine)


Cool Notes, Porky the Poet, a woman from Red Wedge that talked non-stop, and Phillip.


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