The End

A piece on Scouse ‘zine The End by Jolly.

The most revered fanzine of the 80s has to be The End. It gave the disenfranchised youth of Liverpool a voice of expression and helped to forge an identity for those that loved football, fashion and music during the dark years of Thatcher. I first became aware of The End in 1982 from Alan Turner, the man behind No Solutions and Another Day Another Word fanzines, who gave me an issue on a trip to Liverpool that year. I must admit that on first read it didn’t really mean much to me because I was still wrapped up in my militant punk and oi years, but the humour did hit a chord. The following year I moved to Manchester and used to go over to Liverpool regularly where i’d pick up a copy whenever I could.


Without The End there would more than likely be no ‘When Saturday Comes’ or football fanzine culture, there’d be no ‘Boys Own’ and no lad magazines of the 1990s. Indeed Terry Farley (Boys Own) had a letter printed in Volume 6 asking for advice on how to produce a fanzine. There were 20 Editions produced between 1981 and 1988 before The End reached the end. A few years back Sabotage Times reprinted and bounded together each issue. Beg, steal or borrow a copy if you don’t already own a copy because each issue was and still is essential reading

Poetry featured heavily in each issue with contributions from Joe Wagg, Terry McKenna, Dossa, Ian Green, Billy P, Ged Backland and many many others. The subject matters ranged from regular Thatcher baiting, football away days, dole boredom, fashion wars, the right wing press, the Royals and even Bungle from Rainbow. In fact no subject was sacred and all were treated with disdain.

You see them on the tele
You hear them on the news
It’s the working class people
That they’re trying to abuse.

Blame the greedy workers
The scrounger on the dole
Some of them don’t want a job
You hear them saying quite a lot.

They always cite democracy
Well can’t you see it’s hypocrisy
Tighten your belts is the order from above
We’ve got to be patient, got to work together
OK your free to disagree free to object
But don’t think its appearance and not reality.

as soon as you speak-up
And people start to listen
Your smashed from above by
The people who control this open prison.

Norman Tebbit
The End Issue 3

All The Twats Together

All you gangsters, all you thugs,
All you cunts from the National Front,
All you Tories you load of twats,
All you businessmen in your bowler hats,
All you riches all you bods,
All you people who say “yobs”
All you Lords and all you Kings,
All you women with diamond rings
All you taxmen all you D.H.S.S.
All you PRICKS that love Rudolph Hess
All you Gets in BLUNDELL SANDS
All you Liberals with Community Programmes,
All you buisies all you sporties
All you beauts in your little shorties
Norman Tebbit, Ian Gow, Margaret Thatcher The Fuckin’ Sow
All you dealers rippin’ us off
Why don’t you just fuck off!

Inspired by mad Johnny



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