The Might of Youth – Raymy Boyle

Another poem from Raymy Boyle, this one from Oi! Division ‘zine. This was put together by a 13 year old Jolly.


The Might of The Youth

Protest and survive that’s what I say
If you wanna stay alive, it’s the only way,
And if you don’t you’ll be another victim,
Another slave for this fucking system.

Don’t let them lead you to a live of decay,
Follow what you believe, don’t do what they say.
We’ve been oppressed now for much too long,
So if you want freedom, listen to our song.

Just give them abuse, fight for your rights,
Don’t give in to their fucking big might,
With the youth and freedom we will survive,
To crush the system and live our own lives.

Raymy Boyle



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