Crass Critique

From Sounds, June 12, 1982

The punk debate is brought up here. Crass played loud and passionately but did they speak for the droog on the street?
They weren’t a band I took to. In 2014 their singer Steve Ignorant did some interviews with Prof. Matthew Worley and came over well. He talked about how difficult being the only working class person in the band was. These days he’s a lifeboat man and often sports a Cockney Rejects t-shirt.



One thought on “Crass Critique

  1. Jolly

    I saw Crass and Poison Girls at an under 18 gig in Edinburgh October 1980 which was the tipping edge for me with them. Pre the gig i’d bought some of both bands records, read their interviews and believed in some of their ideals, whilst post the gig i’d realised that both bands weren’t for me. I’d just breached the teenage years so live gigs were still relatively new for me and this was my third BIG gig. I remember that there was a large queue downstairs the steps beside the Playhouse/Nite Club, with a healthy representation from Livingston (my home town) at the front of the queue. Once the doors were opened we walked up the stairs and positioned ourselves near the front. From memory there was a third band that played but i’m not sure who they were. Both headline bands performed and I just didn’t connect with either one of them. The main reason being that both bands were old enough to be my parents and I found that to be a big barrier. They wanted to preach, whilst I just wanted to jump and down whilst having fun. This wasn’t fun for me and I can remember moving further away from the front as the gig went on. I just couldn’t connect in anyway. After the gig I don’t remember buying another Crass, Poison Girl or associated band record again.


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