George Davis Is Innocent

George Davis is innocent was commonly seen graffiti in the 70s. There was a huge campaign to see his bank robbery conviction overturned.
In 1975 Roger Daltrey wore a T-shirt emblazoned with “George Davis Is Innocent” on stage. Sham 69 had a song “George Davis is Innocent” on their 1978 debut album Tell Us the Truth, Patrik Fitzgerald also showed support with “George” on his 1979 EP “The Paranoid Ward”.



george davis

After his release from prison in 1976 Davis separated from his wife Rose. Several years later he married the daughter of a North London police Chief Inspector.
In 1978, two years after his release from prison, Davis was jailed again, having pleaded guilty to involvement in another armed bank raid on 23 September 1977 at the Bank of Cyprus, Seven Sisters Road. He was released early in 1984 but jailed yet again in 1987 for attempting to steal mailbags. Davis pleaded guilty in both cases.
Sham 69 released “George Davis is Innocent” as the B side to their single “Angels With Dirty Faces” but changed the lyrics and the title to “Cockney Kids Are Innocent”.


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