As weeds push through concrete so ranting bloomed all over the country.
Teesside Poly Student Union formed a Multi-Media Society in 1981 and one of the things they did was put on gigs. Here are a few posters.

Mid gig2
Mid gig1

They also produced a poetry magazine. Poetic Licence was possibly the first Teesside poetry magazine since George Markham Tweddell produced the Yorkshire Miscellany and Cleveland Tractates in the 19th Century.
Ann Wainwright and Pamela Hutson were the editors.
Ann Wainwright was also a student at Teesside poly on the Humanities degree course with Trev Teasdel. Ann noticed there was a need for a local poetry outlet and Pamela had come back from Sheffield University with magazines produced there. The two decided to remedy the situation and Poetic Licence was born.
The first issue had local poems in which came as a result of press and radio coverage and some from Trev Teasdel’s poly group The Multi Media Society. Poetic Licence caused a great deal of excitement on Teesside and at Teesside Poly, there’s a local newspaper story below.

Mid gig3

Mid gig4


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