The Jam cut their own swathe through punk with a mod style and some biting, and well crafted songs.
One of the Jam’s biggest fans and a smart lad about the town was one Chip Grim, now a well known poet in the ranting manner.
In their wake came a slew of mod revival bands. East London in particular was home to the new mods, there were many gigs at the Bridge House in Canning Town. In east London the mods crossed over with the smarter end of skinhead with the likes of Hoxton Tom and Grant Fleming.
As the 70s moved into the 80s and Oi got more and more bonehead things were less fraternal.

KIDZNEXTDOOR - Purseys Package Nov 1979
Mod gigs from Sounds, November 1979


Other decent mod bands were the Chords, whose Maybe Tomorrow is an absolute belter, Kidz Next Door and Long Tall Shorty.

A little later on came the Redskins and the mighty Makin’ Time.


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