Punks In Parkas

From Scarborough ‘zine Northern Mod Scene, 2, 1980.

You were gobbing in 76
But now you’ve dropped your sleazy tricks
Nice new image clean and bright
You gave up the struggle you
Gave up the fight
Punks in parkas, new wave mods,
Quadrophenia, odds and sods,
Couldn’t jup the bandwagon fast enough,
Wearing go fast stripes and all that stuff,
Punk is forgotten it’s the end,
As mod becomes the latest trend,
The change in clothing was so drastic,
Only to get called plastic.
Mod to you is just a game,
As you ride your scooter that’s made in Spain,
Two tone suit it looks the most,
Daddy’s cheque book paid the cost.
Punks in parkas, brand new craze,
Been a mod for seven days,
Seen the film, read the book,
Now you know just how to look.
Going out just to impress,
Hope you notice just how they dress,
Taking pills made from chalk,
Ripped off by your pusher, what a joke,
The pushers talk was so misleading,
Now you pretend that you are speeding.
So wander off and flash the style,
It’s so much fun, just for a while,
But when you’re wearing leathers,
And have long greasy hair,
The proper mods will still be there.

Evil Roman.



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