Young Conservatives

Silver spoon and bottle fed
The Daily Mail is always read
By young conservatives born to win
Another world you’re living in
Just like your parents and theirs before
You and your children won’t go to war
The front line ain’t the place for you
You still believe your blood is blue

The British empires sons and daughters
Who flirt with SDP supporters
Share nightmares about Tony Benn
The militants on News At Ten
You’re born to rule or so you say
Church of England all the way
The book that features Adam and Eve
These are the things that you believe

Love and respect for King and Queen
National service at seventeen
Mary Whitehouse morals too
A Barbara Cartland novel view
These are the things that you support
The working class they must be taught
How lucky they are to be free
To live in your democracy

With a free press and radio
But we’re four million on the dole
Just like the days before the war
The Tory party still stands for
Mass unemployment and poverty
A them and us society
With no free press to speak the truth
Only the voice of the Tory youth
The House of Lords the dead and old
The wealth the power the land they hold
The red the white the Tory blue
The young conservatives I hate you

Garry Johnson

Garry Johnson’s poem was written in 1983 and has been read at several Stand Up and Spit gigs. The recording of it from the Son Of Oi album has played too. It is one of the most popular of the original ranting poems with the young audience today. They often comment that it might have been written yesterday.


I wrote Young Conservatives because I hate both Conservatives and `Young Conservatives` fresh out of public schools and Oxbridge who have the cheek to look down on their `elders and betters`: the heroic working class parents who work all hours to provide for there children.

What right have Conservatives or `young conservatives` to look down their noses or to tell them how to think or what to do?
I have always been a man of the left, but never thought of myself as a `leftie`. I prefer the title of working class liberal with middle class manners.

Like The Kray Twins I never swear in front of women and children – but would break the habit of a lifetime if I ever met the Queen or Samantha Cameron.
Unlike Reg & Ron I have not murdered anyone – but if I met IDS or George Osbourne down a dark alley I might be tempted.

I have in spirit always been a Labour supporter rather then a voter. I could not bring myself to vote for Blair, Brown. Burnham but Jeremy Corbyn has changed all that.
When Jezza`s elected leader I will both vote and campaign for Labour.

Young Conservatives was as the title says an `attack` on young conservatives but it was also an attack on the `Red Tories` who`ve been in charge of Labour since Kinnock through to Milliband.
I`ve never understand why or how people like Blair, Mandelson, Thornberry, Brown, Kendall and the Labour Establishment have claimed to talk for working class people. Never understood how they got away with it. Quite rightly Black people have Black leaders, Gays have Gay spokesman, Jewish people have Jewish leaders and the Scottish people have Nicola Sturgeon. Well I want a genuine man of the people to represent me and that man is Jeremy Corbyn. I wish he didnt have a beard and look like a social worker.
But that is the Mod in me. That is fashion, not political mod.
I am more left-wing then any champagne socialist in Notting Hill.
My wish is that when Corbyn is elected `red tories` like Mandelson, David Milliband, Thornberry, Blair and all the other `champagne socialists` leave the party.

I would love Corbyn to produce a manifesto that promises to abolish The House Of Lords and the Royal Family. A manifesto that promised to put Blair on trial as a war criminal.
I have the same feelings today as when I wrote `Young Conservatives’.
Back then I hated Thatcher and all her mob and today I hate Cameron and his cronies. Young conservatives, old conservatives and New Labour are all pretty much the same. The main thing they have in common is that they all dislike and mistrust the Working Class.

Garry Johnson


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