Arguments Yard – Attila’s Autobiography

There was a fun time to be had at the launch of Attila the Stockbroker’s autobiography Arguments Yard.
The gig was busy and many gig goers of the Eighties, the decade that is!, met old friends they’d not seen in ages.
A crew of us downed a few beers and headed along to the Borderline on Sept 25th, 2015. Most of us were old enough to be talking about the Attila gigs we’d seen in our youth. Where did it all go?
Joining us was Oi the Poet, Garry Johnson. It was good to see Garry out and about. Hopefully he’ll be turning some gigs in in the not too distant.

Prof. Matthew Worley, Janine Booth and the Bro’s Grim.

Attila has been ranting for 35 years and the book is an invaluable record of ranting poetry and the musical and political landscape of the early 80s. Attila carries his story through to today, where I’m pleased to see he’s still ranting and beer drinking.

Attila and Dagenham Pete, who plays an important part in the book.

Attila read, as well as doing a set with Barnstormer
Janine Booth turned in some poetry, as you’d expect the audience also mostly hated Tories. Jeremy Hardy cracked some jokes as the bar filled. One time ‘zine editor, Colchester Utd fan Steve Lamacq DJed with some choice choons.

Teething Wells and Saffia.

The Newtown Neurotics, as per, put in a good performance. It was especially good to see them and Attila doing Andy Is A Corporatist live.

You can get the book here.

Janine and Gary, who’ve both survived so many ranting poetry gigs.

Lisa and the Neurotics’ Steve Drewett.

Attila and Robina.


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