Tony Benn

From NME, 1st May, 1982

I wonder what his twat of a son, Hilary Benn, or buffoon of a granddaughter Emily Benn would make of this? Tony Benn talks aout riots, punk. socialism, and peace in yet another example of the 80s music press engaging with the world beyond disposable pop.

aaaBenn-page-002 - Copy


3 thoughts on “Tony Benn

  1. secret agent skinhead

    PS – Lil Hillary and lil Emily’s ‘defence’ was predictable enough: to suggest that daddy may have disapproved is “offensive” – end of discussion.

    PPS – The only interesting thing about Lil Hillary’s speech was that he wheeled out left lingo to push a rightwing agenda: “anti-fascism”, “internationalism” (what – you mean like in 1914?), the Spanish Civil War, and other such traditional ‘Labour Party values’.

    The ex-Maoist German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, used quite similar language back in the 90s when sending German troops to fight their first foreign mission since 1945.

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