The Guns Of Brixton

“You Can Crush Us, You Can Bruise Us…”

In the ‘70s your mum scrubbed away
wogs out scrawled across the shop front
several times. Then there was the shit
through the letterbox.
These days it’s letters from the landlord.
He loves the vibrancy you’ve brought to the area,
only cares about the colour of your money.
Hurry up and leave.

Tim Wells
The Ranting poets of the ’80s celebrated, and critiqued, working class life and culture. 30 years later gentrification is rampant in London, and called by many for what it is: social cleansing.
Adrian Mitchell’s observation ‘Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people’ is from the preface to his first major collection Poems, from 1964. These days it is to be found emblazoned on Attila The Stockbroker T-shirts. It is a prescient sentiment and sits well there.
Thirty odd years later Ranters who are still writing and gigging, along with young poets of today are writing about social cleansing and putting this experience of life into words.
We also add that not all architects are evil!


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