Gettin’ Obscene For 2016

So last year saw some top drawer poets and gigs. It’s delightful that not only are the likes of John Cooper Clarke, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Joolz and Attila the Stockbroker gigging hard and fast, we saw a few Ranters from the 80s back on stage where they belong and also saw a trove of young poets doing some stirling work. Big up Emily Harrison, Bridget Minamore, Sarah Fletcher, Ash Sarkar and more.
A big thank you to everyone involved, on the page and the stage.
We’re hoping to get some more gigs on round the country and to catch up with Ranters and new poets cutting the mustard.

Highspot of the year for me was the hush that fell round the Camden Centre as LKJ read Michael Smith’s ‘Mi Cyaan Belive It’.


Emily Harrison, JCC, Rhoda Dakar

People started to look at the history of Britains spoken word and the place of Ranting within it. The blog has been turning up some choice poems, articles and memories about the poetry, music, politics, life and times that were and influenced ranting verse. We also looked at how politics fits into poetry today.

Sarah Fletcher with telephone directory sized 80s ‘zine Wake Up

We even turned up some pictures of Linton smiling. It’s right to fight back, and it’s best to do it laughing.


A happy and successful 2016 one and all.


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