Southall, Misty, And The Ruts.

Southall was at the front of the fight against racism and fascism in the late 70s. The area had, and still does have, a large Asian population and was home to two of the most important British bands of the late 70s: The Ruts and Misty In Roots.
Rock Against Racism and the Southall Youth Movement helped people work together and this Sounds article from 1978 clearly demonstrates the strong links that punk and reggae forged.
Misty put out The Ruts’ first single on their People Unite label. The Ruts song Jah War is about the Special Patrol Group coshing Misty’s manager Clarence Baker at an anti-National Front march in 1979.

Big thanks to Chip Grim for digging this feature up.


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  2. Weardoe

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    This reaonates SO much! I feel like I have missed out on a whole chunk of British history and here it is. THANK YOU!

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