Mo-Dettes Interview

A great band that are a big favourite with Porky the Poet and myself.
This interview is from Kingston Upon Thames ‘zine Shout!, first issue, 1981.




3 thoughts on “Mo-Dettes Interview

  1. marshwerg

    That’s also Jane Crockford top-left in the all-female Madness ad

    It’s not in fact The Bodysnatchers – they’re Madness’s then-partners, and Jane was going out with Woody at the time (they later married).

  2. marshwerg

    Those nutty girls in full…

    Top left: Jane Crockford (Mrs Woody)
    Top centre: Kerstin Rodgers (Mrs Barso). Now better known as MsMarmiteLover (see her website)
    Top right: Jo Brown (Mrs Chas)

    Bottom left: Kathleen Berlinson (Mrs Bedders). Not Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Gos, as suggested elsewhere on the ‘net!
    Bottom centre: Susan Foreman (Mrs Chris)
    Bottom right: Debbie Fordham (Mrs Kix)

    Not pictured: Bette Bright (Mrs Suggs). Possibly because she was at that time signed to Korova as a solo artist (she’d previously been one of the singers in Deaf School) and they didn’t want her advertising Stiff products – who knows?

    I’ll shut up now.

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