Millions Of Dead Cops

From Maximum RockNRoll, number 5, March-April 1983

US punk band Millions of Dead Cops write up their 1982 European tour supporting the Dead Kennedys for the biggest of the hardcore punk ‘zines that sprang up in the 80s. This is worth a look for their impressions of the UK, especially of ranting poetry. Worth noting the amount of violence at gigs too,pretty typical for the time I have to say.





One thought on “Millions Of Dead Cops

  1. jockney keith

    I went to the saturday london gig, got and still have MRR 1 that night. One of my top ten punk gigs, i was lucky enough to have vinyl by all the bands that played but the sound and quality of each band kept this 16 year old jumping and singing along all night. Serious drinking,peter & the test tube babies were fucking bang on. The actual look of MDC w/shaved heads and trainers took alot of us by suprise (remember, only boneheads had boneheads) but fuck me they went for it big time and earned a place on my studded leather. Im 50 now and dave ditkor is one of the maddest not give 2 fucks filthy genius that make punk great. Find the submissives lp/project he made with pig champion, superb. Oh the DKs lived up to everything id hoped. That night my mates and me became proper punk rockers,the marker pen came out and Romford punx made their mark anywhere we could find. Its hilariously dumb now but faced with gangs of skinheads and football casuals it was a rallying point from whichfriendships exist to this day.


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