Setting Sons, Poetry, The Jam

From NME, 18 September, 1979

Initially , as described, The Jam’s fourth album was planned to be telling a story. However, by the time Setting Sons came out that idea had been dropped. It’s a top drawer album all the same. Dave Waller‘s book did come out.
The only single from the album was a classic: Eton Rifles.
In 2008, Tory prime minister David Cameron declared it to be one of his favourite songs. Dave said the songs of The Jam “meant a lot” and “I don’t see why the left should be the only ones allowed to listen to protest songs.”
Forthright as ever Paul Weller stated ” “It’s like, which bit didn’t he get? It’s strange, but the whole nature of politics has shifted, hasn’t it? The stark contrasts of Thatcherism and socialism have gone: you can’t really tell who’s Brown or Cameron or anyone else. I don’t know what Cameron’s for or against, really. Even with that div who’s running for mayor – Boris Johnson – there’s some things he’s said that I’ve found myself agreeing with, like bringing back the Routemaster buses. You sort of think, ‘Hang on – I’m agreeing with a Tory twat.'”
When asked how he felt living under Thatcherism, Weller got more direct: “I think they were absolute fucking scum – especially Thatcher, who I think should be shot as a traitor to the people. I still think that, and nothing will ever change my opinion. We’re still feeling the effects of what they did to the country now, and probably always will: the whole breakdown of communities, trade unions, the working class – the dismantling of lots of things.”

1979-09-18 - NME - Setting Sons Preview


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