Oi The Farce

Anarchopunk ‘zine No More Of That unsuprisingly throws up it’s hands in horror at Oi music.
This is from the first issue, February 1981. The ‘zine was edited by Bobby Gray in Airdrie.
Amusingly Crass’ Steve Ignorant is a huge Cockney Rejects fan.

no more of that #1-page-008


One thought on “Oi The Farce

  1. jockney keith

    I grew up very working class on an east london council estate with a big bonehead mob who made it perfectly clear to me as a 15yr old wanna be punk rocker what OI meant to them. I was kicked unconscious by 6 of them for having short spikey hair and a crass t-shirt. OI was a monster bushell thought he could control,but like punk it completely ignored its master and fucked with its own gigs till there were none and eventually could not even get into the punk shows at the established london venues. What a sigh of relief i breathed when i heard that ‘skinhead HQ’ or B&H/RAC put the word out to stop going to punk gigs as you were funding communism(no shit,i was told this).


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