Teething Wells – Romance

This is the story of George Smoothtalker,
son of a rich, powerful industrialist
and of Constance Sugary-Sweet; the Irish beauty
with the creamiest skin and brownest eyes he had ever seen.
From the moment they met he wanted to be with her forever…

Wreck romance,
smash the fantasy.
Put Mills & Boon back on the shelf,
do you find love behind all that wealth?

You say I’ve never known love,
well that could be true.
All you ever told me
is “she’s a damn good screw”.

Gasp at the bodies on page 3.
Is that what you want your wife to be?
If that was your daughter you’d call her a whore
but to the free press you just scream for more…

Romance – the grope in the dark.
Romance – the assault in the park.
Romance – a profiteering scheme,
money from the schoolgirls’ dream.

Teething Wells
, 1982

dick hard


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