Morrissey Hates The Ramones

From Melody Maker, 24 July, 1976

Moz Ramones

To be fair to Morrissey he later relented and told Billboard: “I came clean about this many years ago. When I bought the Ramones first album on import, I was enraged with jealousy because I felt they had booted the Dolls off the map. I was 100% wrong. Three days after writing that Ramones piece, I realized that my love for the Ramones would out-live time itself. And it shall. Well, it virtually has already. If the Ramones were alive today, they’d be the biggest band in the world. It takes the world 30 years to catch on, doesn’t it? I mean, look at poor Nico. Every modern teenager now seems to love Nico, yet while she was alive she couldn’t afford a decent mattress.”
Amongst tracks he chose for the 2003 compliation “Under The Influence” of music that inspired him was “Judy Is A Punk” as one of his choices. In his sleeve notes Morrissey wrote: “In the real world of pop songs, genius drags the always reluctant world along. Awful to listen to on first play, the first Ramones album stays beside me almost thirty years on. A cruel £5.29 on import in 1976, this is an album of criminal ballads, and “Judy is a Punk” still sends a shock through the blood, complete with red-herring lyrical lift from “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am” (“second verse/it’s the same as the first”). At Manchester’s Electric Circus to promote their debut album, the Ramones move across the stage like human remains floating ashore. Smallpox brought them together. Joey is whooping cough on two impossibly long legs. Someone who has been murdered in a hospital bed looks better than Joey.

The Ramones do nothing to conceal their disabilities, and I am once again in love.”



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