Evidently Salford

Evidently, 9th May 2016

The latest run of Stand Up and Spit gigs kicked off at Evidently, a lively regular night in Salford. We had time for a butcher’s at one of the finest sites Manchester has to offer, the Vimto statue (and a pint) before heading over to the Eagle Inn pub to get down to some poetry (and more beers). The landlady, Esther, sat out with Laurie in the sun and read poems. It was indeed a welcoming establishment. I knew it’d be good as soon I clocked the Lowry print on the wall facing the bar, a bloke even welcomed me to Salford. How’s that for civil?


The lovely Ella and Kieren run the night and host with a decidely George and Mildred style, and that works for us. Our very own Laurie Bolger was first up, and had a new Ranting poetry sobriquet: Fuckin’ L. Quite right too. She charmed the crowd with her amiable chat, engaging poetry and read from her upcoming book Box Rooms.
Thereafter there was the usual Evidently open mic’ which had a house record number of people wanting to read, 18 of who then did. Favourites included Lynn Walton’s ‘Chocolate Duvet’, Rob’s ‘Burnt Fuchias on the Table’ and Flora Martyr’s piece about poets and rappers.
It was great to see local poets like Melissa Lee-Houghton along for the night and to be able to share a pint with ’em.

After a boozy break Tim Wells took the stage and asked the crowd to “Repeat after me… ‘how now brahn cow?'” This they did with Tim adding: “Any accent is fine, just don’t say it like David Cameron.” From there it was digs at gentrification, it seems Manchester’s Northern Quarter is rife with it, Tories, as well as some laughs.

That ended the gig, but not the drinking. Salfordor Dali didn’t show up but it was a pleasure to meet so many poets and to make so many new friends. Onwards!


Tim and Paula


Evidently’s Ella and Laurie Bolger


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