Boleyn Bound

West Ham have played their last game at the Boleyn Ground, and West Ham fan Chip Grim looks back to the football and music of an East End past.

Chip RM

We came out of the suburbs like a pack of rats,
Chewing gum, and acting flash,
With bags of attitude, brats talking back,
We went for pie ‘n mash,
On every other Saturday at Green Street market.
We talked about the Pistols and the Clash before
Deciding that the Woking Wonders
Were the ones on whom
We would bestow our favours.
But there were other flavours.
The glory boys, the Rejects and the Kids Next Door,
We got around, we stood our ground, we knew the score,
We liked to think we knew what we were fighting for
And blowing bubbles was the sound,
Would cheer us on our way, back in the day,
Way back when we were Boleyn bound.

Chip Grim


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