Red London

Red London were a melodic punk band from Sunderland. Their first record, the Sten Guns in Sunderland EP was produced by Attila the Stockbroker (under his John Opposition moniker) and released in 1983.
Sunderland has produced some top drawer punk bands, The Rebels were the areas first, forming in 1977. Red London’s Gaz Stoker was in the Rebels and went on to join Red London. Red Alert, the Toy Dolls and Leatherface were also from the area. The Angelic Upstarts being the biggest local band, though from nearby South Shields.
The band gained a reputation for not going the usual Oi route musically and for their left wing slant, Gaz Stoker said: “We’ve always been working class and obviously left wing so this came across more and more in the music. As for politics in music, I think it’s o.k. as long as it’s not extreme and you’re not shoving your views down peoples throats. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of social comment. A lot of bands that really mean something to people sing about real life, social injustice etc and that can be a good thing. It becomes more than just a song and gets people thinking and can unite common causes. This is nothing new, it goes back a long time, long before punk.”
The band played plenty of Miner’s benefits, along with Ranters during the strike “we played a lot of miners benefit gigs in the 80’s. At that time there was only 2 main ways of employment in Sunderland, one was the shipyards (years ago when Sunderland was a town it was the biggest shipbuilding town in the world) and the other was the coal mines. When the miners went on strike it lasted for nearly a year and broke up whole communities. A lot of our friends were miners so we were happy to play as many benefit gigs as we could to support them.”

From Punk Lives, number 7
red london

From NME
red london review


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