On The Death Of Blair Peach

This poem is by Siggy Moos and comes from the 1983 Hackney Writers’ Workshop anthology Where There’s Smoke published by Centreprise, the community bookshop that used to be in Dalston, it’s where Hackney Pirates is now.
Robin Simpson who was involved with Centreprise remembers, “We were told in 1970 that a bookshop would never work in the East End because East Enders didn’t read.”
Ken Worpole was published in the antholgy and says: “It was a heady time and there were lots of books about alternative culture and ideas, lots of interest in music and politics. It was very much part of what was happening in Hackney at the time in terms of the borough’s very lively counter-cultural scene.”

On The Death Of Blair Peach

And the earth span
And the earth stared
And the angry clouds
Spat their contempt
Into the face
Of this mean, murderous planet
Which feeds its innocent soil
With the young bodies
Of the selfless best
Now hung or stabbed or shot
Now driven to destroy themselves
Now battered in the streets

The wide horizon’s
Giant ear listens
To hear explode
The fury of outrage
Against so foul a deed

When you again
Hear thunder roll
Over the burial grounds
It drums into your ear

Siggy Moos


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