We’re Gigging At The Roundhouse

On Saturday July 9th we’ve a do at the Roundhouse in Camden Town. We kick off at 1pm with a discussion on What Did Punk Ever Do For Us?
There’s a lot of mythology that comes with punk these days and we’ve former Buzzcocks manager Richard Boon (and my local librarian); London reggae legend Dennis Bovell; Rhoda Dakar, from female 2 Tone band The Bodysnatchers; prototype New York punk Danny Fields; and the man behind Stand Up and Spit, poet Tim Wells to talk about safety pins, Ramones t-shirts, Rock Against Racism and the like. Did punk kick in the doors or did it open ’em to Boris Johnson? The discussion will be chaired by Prof. Matthew Worley. In true punk style, audience interaction is very much encouraged.


Rhoda dancing

After that we get into gigging proper with Linton Kwesi Johnson, Porky the Poet, Garry Johnson and Tim Wells, and a new breed of brilliant poets who have been inspired by Ranting and fully embrace it’s angry, sweary, boozy nature, including Sophie Cameron, Salena Godden, Kate Fox, and Words First’s Joseph Beaumont-Howell and Liam McCormick.


Protesting, political, working-class, humorous yet also deadly serious, Ranting poetry of the 80s was allied to the music scene, growing up alongside punk and reggae, and was the vibrant precursor of today’s spoken word. Stand Up and Spit celebrates this Ranting ethos that is still very much alive and spitting today.

The event will be finished off with a punk-singalong led by Thee Jezebels frontwoman the mighty Laura Anderson.


More info and tickets available from here.


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