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Trenches Full Of Poets

Langston Hughes was a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War and was in Spain for 6 months. He wrote a half dozen poems based on his experiences there. This poem is a translation of an anonymous song and appeared in the Daily Worker, 16 July, 1938.

Spanish Folk Song of the War

Frontiers that divide people,
Soon we’ll tear apart.
The masses speak a thousand tongues –
But only have one heart.

For the workers no boasting Fatherlands,
Only freedom and peace,
So that through peace and freedom
All may find release.

The men sing as they work.
The women sing at their tasks.
All the World is singing
When the people are free at last.

But silent now the guitar
And the jota aragones.
First comes the International,
Then the Marseillaise.

Red with the people’s blood
From the bombs of the enemy’s raids,
Our flags are blooming like flowers
On freedom’s barricades.

Girl of the People’s Army,
Do not be jealous of me
If to my heart I take
Both you and liberty.


The Damned – 1979

The Damned had the first punk single New Rose in 1976. By 1979 they’d been through several splits and reformations. They’re third album Machine Gun Etiquette was perhaps their best.



Rat Scabies interview from Smash Hits, 18 October, 1979


Suzi Quatro

She’s one of those people that makes the world a better place. I’ve been a fan since her footstomping hits of the 70s and now she’s a book of poems and reminiscences out. As Henry Winkler says on the back cover: “Suzi Quatro lets the reader peek behind the curtain we all quiver behind, with a raw honsety.”
Suzi’s reminiscences really add to the poems. They show how many are tied to her songwriting and reveal her thoughts and life. And what a life! Suzi Quatro is an original and someone who’s always shown what you can achieve when you go for it.
The poems reflect on her childhood, family, loves, and life, as well as the music business. They say way more than the usual rock star autobiography bragging. The raunchy voice, leather cat suit and bass guitar are amazing but she’s always been much more.

A Good Catholic Girl

A good Catholic girl
In a whirlpool of esire

A mass of contradictions:
When she’s good, she’s good
When she’s bad, she’s great!

Her own sense of time
Her own right and wrong
Her own rhythm
A system that’s allowed

What’s not allowed, she pursues
Despite consequences

Then in a darkened cubicle
All is revealed
All is forgiven

The rhythm of lust
Beats slow and steady
And touches
A good Catholic girl

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

A Good Catholic Girl was written in 1969, two years before she hit London.
This next one she wrote when she was 12. Even then she had attitude. We all knew in the 70s that the girl could rock, and the book demonstrates that she’s a thoughtful, sensitive and intelligent woman too.
“I’ve been writing poetry since I was seven – no diary for me! – and I’ve always been passionate about the written word and everything it encompasses: the rhythm, the rhyme, the revelation, the dark, the light, the mystery and the emotion,” Suzi says.

Hey, Rock and Roll Star!

It didn’t take much
To make you believe again
Now that the depression is over

You’re all wound up
And the people are cheering
And the people want you
And the people love you
It didn’t take much

I feel so very young

Suzi Quatro

The book is published by Newhaven Publishing and is available from Waterstone’s, bookshops and here

Suzi-Quatro cover

Suzi Quatro2