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Laurie Cunningham

One of the best players of the 70s, and one of the best ever at Orient, was Laurie Cunningham. As you’ll see in this profile from Shoot, 9 October, 1976, he had great taste in music. He was even featured in the NME. Sadly his career was cut short in 1989 when, aged 33, he died in a car crash.

laurie cunningham orient 1976


Marylebone Martyrs

A suedehead band that never really was.
They took their name from the loose gang in Richard Allen’s book Suedehead.


From iffy ‘zine Beyond The… 1985 and a piss poor review from Plymouth skinhead ‘zine Tell Us The Truth,1985


This from Deek from Oi Polloi’s ‘zine Skinhead Havoc, 1984

marylebone sh