Marylebone Martyrs

A suedehead band that never really was.
They took their name from the loose gang in Richard Allen’s book Suedehead.


From iffy ‘zine Beyond The… 1985 and a piss poor review from Plymouth skinhead ‘zine Tell Us The Truth,1985


This from Deek from Oi Polloi’s ‘zine Skinhead Havoc, 1984

marylebone sh


One thought on “Marylebone Martyrs

  1. Paul Armstrong

    Hello hope your web-site is still up and running.
    “Marylebone Martyrs – the Suedehead band that never was” maybe, but at least i tried. For all its faults “In Unity – Nothing” got more favourable reviews than bad ones – possibly because people liked the idea. Tony Smith (Spiral Suede) was a legend, also Suede-Top fanzine from Cornwall and many others whose names i forget. Got great support from Deek of Oi Polloi, suddenly from nothing (the only other person, keeping the flame burning, at that time was Hoxton Tom) Suedehead was back not just in England, but Suedes began to crop (no pun intended) up all over the place.
    Despite the Martyrs failure to ever do anything they are still talked about today. Maybe it’s time for another Suedehead revival – i must get my Crombie out of moth-balls and dry cleaned!
    Love the site – keep it going.
    Paul Armstrong – Marylebone Martyrs
    Remeber – Punks jumped the tube, Skins got the bus, Mods rode scooters but Suedeheads travelled by Taxi – when their Jag was off the road!


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