Maria Ogundele

Maria Ogundele is a married mother of two children. She is a mix of Portuguese and Nigerian heritage, and has lived in London since she was two years old.
At eleven years old, after being sent £5 by the local Labour party in west London for a poem she wrote, Maria thought poetry might be a great way to earn some cash. She was wrong, but carried on writing anyway.
For several years during the 90’s Maria was part of a CND group who worked behind bars for free at music festivals raising money for good causes and charities. These days she works as a freelance writer but still finds time for the odd music festival too, but she’s usually on the other side of the bar.

Mud Buzz Snapshot

Farmer’s field, castle grounds – anywhere!
So long as it’s green, with plenty of fresh air
We’ll pitch our tents there, drink loads of warm beer
We’ll make new friends, discover new bands
Hold hands with a stranger –
And watch the sun come up.

Optimistically they load up the camping gear
Hoping the forecasters have got it wrong this year
Longing for spiritual awakening
Or at least some fond memories that make it all worth it.

It’s a scene from an apocalyptic movie on arrival
It’s gale force winds, a fight for survival
Somewhere the optimism for life-changing memories
Is washed away in a downpour, of the torrential variety

And they’re patching up holes of their leaking tent
Tying soggy guide ropes in the dark
Then wading through what feels like nearly-set cement
Going some lengths to find the bar

Their dripping smiling faces soon lifted from the gloom
Sipping beer near a sound system pumping heavy tunes
There’s a girl close by who’s selling mind blowing gear
Which she happily swaps with her new found friends, for a soggy couple of beers

Soon the rain is beautiful, it’s glistening streamers in the sky
Everyone is unified
Until morning comes, the hours have gone
And their new friends wave goodbye.

The sun never shone very much at all that weekend
But every now and again, it brought a rainbow.



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