Edinburgh Book Festival

There was a Stand Up and Spit event at Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday, 20 August, 2016.
Abley hosted by Luke Wright there was discussion with Attila the Stockbroker, Tim Wells and Bridget Minamore, as well as some poems.
We talked about where Ranting verse came from, who our audiences were, and why we were all so angry. Attila’s poem ‘Andy Is A Corporatist’ neatly summed the times up.


We talked about how important ‘zines were, and how it’s ironic that these days social media is prevalent that everybody can hear anything and so as a result people say very little.
There audience laughed along with the discussion, and applauded the pointed poems from the poets.
Luke asked if we all wrote from anger, we didn’t but there’s a lot to be angry about. We also recognised that spoken word is in a very healthy state across the country and that it’s a good time to look at it’s history. Especially for us older Ranters.
After the event there was a book signing and more informal discussion, a bit more in the ‘zine spirit if you will.

Edinburgh 1

I knew the trip was gonna be a good ‘un ‘cos I spotted a fat bloke in a Flipper t-shirt when I was waiting for the train at Kings Cross. I nodded and said “Ha Ha Ha”, to which he replied: “we went sailing down the Looooooove Canal.”
It was great to catch up with so many friends, poets, and drinkers in Edinburgh. The Festival was great and we were well taken care of. The Book festival staff really went out of their way to make everyone comfortable.

There was also time to sup a few beers in my favourite edinburgh pub, The Oxford Bar, along with most excellent Scottish literary types Jenni Fagen and Rebel Ink’s Kevin Williamson.

Edinburgh 2Bridget Minamore and Tim Wells

Last word, rightly, goes to Bridget Minamore, who talked about spoken word today and young people’s place in a rapidly dividing Britain: “There is anger or there is acceptance. Choose one.”


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