Socialist Unrest

The letter page of Sounds, 26 February, 1983 has this rebuttal to trendy lefties. Then as now I find that nothing worries the middle class left more than working class people organising themselves.

Socialist Unrest

In reply to the vile shit from two trendy lefties (gay whales against one parent families man) in your letters page.
I’m a regualr reader of Sounds and like the support you’re giving to punk and reggae. But as a bloke from a solid working class background, born to aspiring middle class parents, I’m sick to death of patronising intellectuals telling me what life’s about.
Recent letters from Chris Powell and Paula Theefe tell us to relate more to industrial struggles – sure, that is the only way to change society – but for your information pal, I’m an active trade unionist in my workplace – what union strength and militancy are these two letter writers up to? Reading Das Kapital and Jean Paul Sartre I suppose.
They attack great people like the Newtown Neurotics, Attila, Redskins and the Anti Social Workers, why – because they’re rich, racist, sexist bastards? No, because they have the nerve to wear Solidarity t-shirts, boots, cropped hair and worst of all play strike benefits.
If these shitheads had an ounce of suss they’d know that when you’ve got 3 1/2 million on the dole and millions of kids who have never worked you’ve got to have something apart from purely industrial based politics.
I leave the final word to Micky O’Farrell from the last Oi album who has done more for the cause of socialism than a million craphead Citizen Dave Smiths or unreadable cretins like Neil Rowland or Dave McCullough.
‘They try to tell us we’re all shit … but one day we’ll all rise together.’

Rick Hill, Bucks

attila early


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