Such Is Life

A feminist rant by Jackie from Harlow in New Youth, number 6, 1985.

Such Is Life

We hide away
in the office all day
and come back home
through the streets all alone
with a packet of pay
to make it all O.K.
once more.
We cook and clean
never heard just seen
don’t ask us how they day went
just “how much of my money,
have you spent?”
You old slag.
Why don’t you look nice
like other girls do?
Why are you a housewife?
“You’re boring, don’t you know?”
And “Yes darling, I love you too.”
Now its time for bed
and the headache has been said
so its fight for the blankets
get your knee out my back.
Is there something that we lack?
Is it love?

Jackie. (Harlow)

Mo-Dettes jane ramona


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