Sussed Skinheads Keep On Keeping On

Ali, a sussed skinhead from Redcar, has this poem in New Youth, number 6, 1985.

(They’re the) Jokers In The Pack

Seig Heil! Heil Hitler!
Do they really know what it means?
No, I don’t think they do.
Blind, violent morons
running around in packs.
Smash a “nigger” go to RAC gigs,
is that what they call
“a way of life”?
Being part of NF, BNP, BM meetings.
Chanting to each other
about Hitler, Blacks and “White Poer”(?)
Hitler a historic figure?
Maybe, but thankfully…
one hat’s dead and gone,
will they ever see that through?
They’re looking through misted eyes
Listening to meaningless voices.
Is there any chance they’ll
fall to reality?
Skinheads of today, have broken away
from these mindless prats
and become an origin of their own,
Sussed Skins!
But will the media ever
become aware of this?
Or will they ever want to?
We’ll Keep On Keeping On,
With the music and the laughs,
Then one day maybe, just maybe,
We’ll shine through!




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