The Partisans Album

Top drawer Welsh punk band The Partisans, Louvain Rees can be excited – they’re from Bridgend, get their album reviewed in Sounds, 26 February, 1983.

The Partisans
The Partisans
(No Future PUNK 4)****

With Gal Gonad sadly off on some ridiculous world tour, it’s likely that a lot of good punk records are going to get overlooked – please listen to the Expelled and Emergency singles – but there’s no way I’m going to let this one pass.
With their first (and last?) album, the Partisans have captured the very essence of new punk/Oi music. Socialist sloganeering borrowed more from wall-graffiti than Militant pamphlets, delivered with amateurish enthusiasm and at a fearsome pace. On this demented evidence, Oi! For Wales is more to do with youth club fever than Wembley Arena potential, which is no bad thing.
These Partisans people seem quite content with their recipe of teenage kicks meet protest-a-gogo, though one has to ask them to consider the sacrilegious possibility of slowing down ever so slightly so that us older chaps can cotton on to what they’re talking about. The Clash did and look what happened to them!
At times, the Partisans fall into punk parody; for instance , the supersonic boo-boo ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ which is pure cliché city! But put it down to their age because on anthems like ’12 Years Of Hell’ and ‘Arms Race’ (similar to the Thatcher-crushing ‘No U-Turns’ re-done from the ultimate punk compilation ‘Carry On Oi’), they demonstrate a flair for good song-writing which they should work on if they ever manage to replace the lovely Louise.
Good luck to them, say I, while readers who share my ‘punk isn’t dead, it’s just sickening for something’ line can vote against the Bushell camp by snapping this up in their thousands.

Peter Leigh



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